FIU Germany Annual Report for 2022

FIU Germany Annual Report for 2022

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in Germany has published its annual report for 2022, summarizing key insights and statistics of its work. Key points include:

  1. Analysis Reports: The FIU submitted nearly 38,000 analysis reports on money laundering, terrorist financing, and other crimes to relevant authorities, mainly to state criminal police offices and public prosecutors, marking a 31% increase from 2021.
  2. International Cooperation: The FIU responded to about 1,300 inquiries from foreign FIUs and sent nearly 30,900 spontaneous reports, more than doubling the previous year’s figure.
  3. National Inquiries: In 2022, the FIU responded to over 5,100 national inquiries, a record high, with 319 of these relating to crimes relevant to state security, sanctions violations, or terrorist financing.
  4. Suspicious Activity Reports: The number of suspicious activity reports received rose to 337,186, a 13% increase from the previous year, with about 97% coming from the financial sector.
  5. EU Sanctions: In the context of EU sanctions, particularly those imposed due to Russia’s war against Ukraine, the FIU prioritized reviewing its reports to identify potential sanction evasions and promptly informed the relevant authorities.

The report emphasizes the FIU’s growing importance in combating financial crime and enhanced international collaboration in this area.

Statement from Daniel Thelesklaf, Head of the German FIU

The 2022 annual report of the Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) in Germany highlights several key aspects of their current and future work:

  1. Growing Attention to Anti-Money Laundering: The continuous increase in analysis reports prepared by the FIU shows increasing societal and political attention to combating money laundering and terrorist financing.
  2. Challenges and Automation: The FIU faces challenges due to the rising volume of reports but plans to address them through increased use of automated analysis processes.
  3. Risk-Based Analysis Practice: A key focus of the FIU’s work is the strict application of a risk-based analysis practice, focusing on complex issues and using the „Follow-the-money“ approach to uncover particularly cross-border and complex money laundering cases.
  4. Protection of the Financial System: The FIU plays a crucial role in protecting the integrity of the German financial system, working closely with national and international partners to prevent the financial system’s misuse by criminals.
  5. Commitment and Legal Framework: The FIU is aware of the importance and responsibility of its tasks, pursuing them with high commitment. The recently implemented legal frameworks support the FIU’s risk-oriented approach, enhancing the effectiveness of their work.

This statement emphasizes the FIU’s importance in the fight against financial crime and shows how it must adapt and evolve to effectively meet current and future challenges.


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