Single Rulebook

Single Rulebook

The „Single Rulebook“ emerges as a cornerstone in the fight against Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF). This groundbreaking regulatory framework marks a significant leap towards harmonizing AML and CTF measures across the European Union, ensuring a fortified and unified defense against financial crimes.

The Essence of the Single Rulebook

The Single Rulebook is not just a set of regulations; it’s a comprehensive strategy designed to provide a cohesive approach to preventing money laundering and terrorist financing across all EU member states. By replacing the directive-based system with directly applicable regulations, the Single Rulebook ensures that AML and CTF measures are uniformly enforced across the EU, eliminating disparities and strengthening the internal market’s integrity.

Key Features of the Single Rulebook

Uniform Supervision

Central to the Single Rulebook is its emphasis on consistent supervision and enforcement across the EU. This unified approach ensures that all member states adhere to the same high standards, safeguarding the European financial system from exploitation.

Expanded Obligations

Reflecting the evolving nature of financial transactions, the Single Rulebook extends AML and CTF obligations to a broader range of entities, including all crypto-asset service providers, aligning with global standards and addressing emerging threats.

Virtual Assets (Crypto Assets)
High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs)

Transparency in Beneficial Ownership

A pivotal aspect of the Single Rulebook is its focus on beneficial ownership transparency. By shedding light on the true owners of companies and legal entities, the framework aims to cut through the layers of anonymity often exploited in financial crimes.

Enhanced Powers for FIUs

Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) are empowered under the Single Rulebook to more effectively analyze, detect, and suspend suspicious transactions, playing a critical role in intercepting illicit funds before they infiltrate the financial system.

Cash Transaction Cap

The Single Rulebook introduces a cap on large cash transactions, setting a €10,000 limit EU-wide to deter the use of cash in money laundering schemes.

EU-wide limit for cash payments

Sector-Specific Measures

Recognizing the unique risks posed by different sectors, the Single Rulebook includes tailored measures, such as specific regulations for professional football clubs, enhancing the framework’s effectiveness and adaptability.

Professional Football Clubs and Agents

The Impact of the Single Rulebook

The Single Rulebook represents a paradigm shift in the EU’s approach to combating money laundering and terrorist financing. By standardizing regulations and enhancing enforcement mechanisms, it not only protects the financial system but also promotes a level playing field for all entities within the internal market. The Single Rulebook is a testament to the EU’s commitment to maintaining a secure, transparent, and resilient financial environment.