Section 34 GwG – Information requests in the framework of international cooperation

(1) The German Financial Intelligence Unit may request that the Financial Intelligence Units of other countries which deal with the prevention, detection and combating of money laundering, predicate offences for money laundering and terrorist financing provide information, including personal data or the transmission of documents, if this information and these documents are necessary for the performance of its functions.
(2) The German Financial Intelligence Unit may, for a request, transmit personal data insofar as this is necessary to substantiate a legitimate interest in the information sought and if overriding legitimate interests of the person concerned do not preclude this.
(3) 1In the request, the German Financial Intelligence Unit must reveal the purpose of the data collection and provide notification of its intention to disclose the data to other domestic public authorities. 2The German Financial Intelligence Unit may only use the data transmitted by the Financial Intelligence Unit of another country

  1. for the purposes for which the data was requested, and
  2. in compliance with the conditions under which the data was made available.
    3If the data transmitted will subsequently be disclosed to another public authority or used for a purpose beyond the original purposes, the prior consent of the transmitting Financial Intelligence Unit must be obtained.