Section 24 GwG – Fees and charges, power to issue statutory instruments

(1) 1The registrar entity charges associations under section 20 and legal arrangements under section 21 fees for managing the register. 2On application, this does not apply to associations under section 20 that pursue a tax-privileged purpose within the meaning of sections 52 to 54 of the Tax Code and prove this to the registrar entity by means of a certificate issued by the responsible tax office.
(2) 1For the inspection of the data notified to the transparency register under section 20 (1) and section 21, the registrar entity charges fees and expenses to cover the administrative costs. 2The same applies to the production of printouts, confirmations and certifications under section 18 (4). 3Authorities and courts referred to in section 23 (1) sentence 1 no. 1 and the authority referred to in section 56 (5) sentence 2 are not required to pay any fees and charges under sentences 1 and 2. 4Section 8 (2) sentence 1 of the Act on Fees and Expenses for Federal Services (Bundesgebührengesetz) does not apply. 5Section 8 of the Act on Fees and Expenses for Federal Services applies to authorities.
(2a) To cover the administrative costs of registering and identifying beneficial owners in connection with an application under section 23 (6), the registrar entity will impose fees and charges on the applicants under section 23 (6).
(3) The Federal Ministry of Finance is authorised to regulate, by means of a statutory instrument not requiring the consent of the Bundesrat, more specific details of the following:

  1. situations subject to fees,
  2. persons subject to fees,
  3. fee rates as fixed rates or as scaled fees,
  4. the reimbursement of expenses and
  5. the procedure for exemption from fees under subsection (1) sentence 2.